Do I have to have a large following on social media to join Veno?
Absolutely not! You can have a very large following or very small following or anything in between to join Veno! Please visit here to contact us and apply!
Do you help with brand deals & collaborations?

Yes we do! Feel free to let us know the types of brands & companies you would like to work with (e.g. swimwear, fashion, skin care, technology, health & fitness etc.) and we can organize a strategy that best suits what you need!

Do you organise photoshoots and collaboration events for your models?

Yes we do! We love for our models to express themselves as much as possible and having model collaboration days are a great way to meet some of the other models in our agency and to learn from one another! This includes content days, collaboration photo shoots and getaways!

Do I have to be Australian to join Veno?

You can apply to join Veno no matter where you are located! Most of our models are from Australia & NZ but we also manage models internationally too!

How do I apply to join Veno?
Please visit here to contact us and apply to join our agency!